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Saturday September 14 2019

Breakthrough with Mabel

Trust needs to be earned, but when earned a horse (or human) can feel safe with you. It took some sessions for Mabel to feel safe. And together with my bodywork on her this created a wonderful session. For the first time she trusted me enough to put her hind feet on the pads. She even explored the big spiky pod without me putting her foot on it.

Mabel has laminates. But since 2 weeks her mane crest is soft. Her whole body is softer. Her rock hard hindquarters are softening. Where fist she could only turn around by leaning back and pivoting on her hind feet. Now she bents her body and steps with a hind foot under to turn around! I am so happy for her. Working with her is all about making her happy and her life comfortable.


Working with Sure Foot pads from Wendy Murdoch at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary