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Saturday July 27 2019

Darcy, a very green skewbald mare

Darcy may be 8 years old but has never really learned any skills needed to be around humans. The only thing she knows is being led around following who ever leads her. So she is still very green under her skewbald coat. But she is very friendly and comes when you call her name! Since she always been in a herd she could do with a bit more confidence just being who she is.

My work with her is bases on giving her more self-awareness and confidence. For this I use TTEAM techniques. Already she is relaxing with me if I start doing some TOUCHES and is happy to be with me. This creates a mental state in which she can learn. Asking her to move on her own, without following me, was a totally new concept for her. Me being on her off side and asking her to move made her fall to the right sort of over me …
Physically pushing her away will only create more force from her side, she just does not have a clue what is expected of her. But creating space with the “wand” in between us works well and tapping her on neck and withers keeps her in balance on her own feet. I ask her to back up a lot to get her back in balance and on her own feet. This backing up she also needed to get explained quietly while I needed to make sure she was able to do it.

So we have been walking and stopping and she is learning fast. What is so nice is that she really is eager to learn. I was training her last week, while she was in a new field with grass, and she worked with me without any discussion.