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Sunday March 3 2019

Forever home found

It took months, but at last I found a forever home for Djarra.
He has a whole new family who are totally in love with him and have loads of plans for him.

I am going to emigrate to Northern Ireland and follow my passion and dreams. All my time I will dedicate to working with horses. Everything I ever learnt, also together with Djarra, I will apply in my work with horses.
To help them through rehabilitation, to help them when they are traumatised or to help them become stronger and more happy.

Djarra has an new family.
I go on with other horses who need my help.

What will remain the same is being “together”, what will change is the formation. Always I will be thankful for what Djarra brought me and this blog will keep his name.
Next month I will arrive in North Ireland and my posts will be about my encounters with other horses and maybe also dogs that I meet.