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Sunday November 10 2019

New roads

Today was a beautiful sunny autumn day and I am going to meet a new client who asked for my help. Both she and her horse have some insecurity issues. Now that sounds maybe simple but actually getting to the bottom of insecurity can be quite a journey. Lots of possibilities that can result in being unsure of yourself. So what is needed to build confidence? First of all, if both rider and horse have insecurity issues, I start with the horse. Because for the rider, helping the horse become more confident will help her as well.

Information about past experiences is informative, but only the present mind-set is important for me. Now emotional fitness is strongly linked to physical fitness. The emotional state will result in a physical behaviour and reading the body language is therefore very important. Starting out with basic groundwork on a leadrope will both give me a lot of information about the horse and will give the horse structure and safety. Leading to trust and respect if done in a respectful way of course. In the future will be working on physical balance and getting stronger.

Today the horse connected or joined up with me within 5 minutes. He showed that when processing new information he would slow down so I gave him time. When he understood me he relaxed into the work I asked from him –  just walk with me. He was super sensitive and relaxed when I took a deep breath, which was good to see for the rider. He was really trying working out my open invitations given through my body language.

I am looking forward to our road ahead together. Giving the rider tools to help her horse and to understand him even better. Next step will be helping the rider with whatever she needs to feel more confident when riding him.