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Thursday July 18 2019

Patch, the piebald

So meet Patch a piebald boy with a chequered past. A solid boy who can be energetic and also reserved. At the moment he lacks confidence and had some bad experiences. He is not sure what is expected of him. On the other hand he knows what he likes best such as eating. He has learned to throw his weight around and getting away with it.

This askes for a flexible approach from my side. I must have clear intent if I ask something, but he also needs room to explore. While his exploration is not allowed into the slow feeder with hay, my NO needs to be strong but neutral in emotion. For me it is like dancing together and when I end up with him relaxed and confident moving freely next to me, we both are happy.

His anxiety has a low threshold, which means any sudden sound or movement makes him jump. Like a car on the road or me stumbling on a stone. For this I do body work with him, mainly TTOUCHES. This relaxes him and gives him more body awareness. Already after two sessions you can notice the difference.