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Thursday February 14 2019

Traveling together …

It is February and you can already feel the power of the sun. The winter hairs fly off and I can loose the jacket. Even though the trees are still bare, spring is coming. Together we are behind the stable in the paddock. Without saddle with only a pad to sit on. Our first exploration of the paddock is with a bridle. If it is not scary or too muddy and the neighboring horses can be ignored, the bridle also goes off.

With only a neckring to walk around the paddock, I look where I want to go and Djarra takes me there. He takes good care of me, but thinks trotting is too dangerous, I could fall off. So to distract him and make him aware that I really do not fall off we put some trot poles down. We test the poles in walk and then it is ok. And then Djarra is trotting with me through the paddock and over the poles, no problem. I love this horse!

We went traveling together and this is how it looks now:

Centered riding
Centered riding