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Thursday January 16 2020

Connecting and Communicating

On the road again for more lessons. What I like best is when I can help a human connect better with their horse. Help them understand the horse and what he is telling them. Most of the time we are not clear and precise enough for them to understand us. So working on body awareness for the rider and for the handler of a horse is lesson 1. Because the horse is a herd animal body langue is his second nature and communicating on that level can be a true revelation.

Like the total amazement of an owner that the horse that was always strong and pulling just stopped and stood still on a breath.

Like the joy of an owner when lunging she could sent her horse away by just pointing in the desired direction instead of pulling and pushing him around.

When an owner feels “save” to lunge her horse for the first time.

If you would like to get closer to your horse and understand him better, feel free to contact me.