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Tuesday November 3 2020

Eager but relaxed

We are finally getting there! Combining balance, power and relaxation. We have spent month on building up power and rebalancing Hudson. Because just putting him more on his hindquarters and keeping him there by force is not a long lasting solution. So time was spent in building up the strengths of his hind legs using lateral work, both “in hand” and ridden. At the same time I have been working on educating him in taking responsibly and moving in a more balanced way.

When playing with free jumping I became aware how he loved jumping and that he was really good at it. So I introduced pole work sooner than I normally would.

But what a leap in his development he has made! The little pieces of training as pieces of a puzzle are coming together. During our third pole work/jumping lesson he could relax between the work, while being really eager over the poles and jumps. My only assistance was to keep him balanced. Look at this beautiful video of today: