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Thursday August 27 2020

First time with long reins

Big boy Hudson is actually just a little boy on a confidence level. He is uses to being led around and being told what and how to do thing. So I was looking for a way to invite him to stride out more confidently. To take the lead. Doing so will inevitably mean we need to connect and communicate to go someplace “together”.

Today I started with me working him from the ground using long reins. I will not take him along, but will ask him to stride on with me at his shoulders or further back. But for starters I will be at his shoulders until he gets braver. Hudson struggled and had this big question mark and tried to turn to me for help. It took some coaxing and lots of positive reinforcement to get him going.

But what a joy to have this boy become lighter in his movements and more sensitive and in tune with me. He got it and relaxed into it. Today’s goal was to get his mind-set changed and his confidence build up.


First getting the gears in place: stop, start, walk, trot:

Finishing off with some directional changes: