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Saturday March 14 2020

Leading in little steps

When I met Hudson I loved him straight away. But I knew that I trained and rode differently than he was used to. This meant I would be challenging him on different levels. Challenging because I was asking him to change. Horses, just like people, often do not like change.

Now setting him down for a good verbal conversation does not work that well with a horse. Instead I lead him in little steps on this new road. Making sure he is ready for the next step before I start asking it. Giving him a say and I do listen, but I also encourage him if he is unsure. At the end of every training I want him to feel really good, tired in mind and body, but relaxed and ok.

Today we made a big step. We cantered on a circle while staying balanced! He needed some support and activation, but he picked it up so well! Coming out of the canter is almost the most difficult part, keeping him balanced and ride down to a relaxed quite trot.  He was giving me his all.