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Saturday October 24 2020


I am so happy, because Hudson is so happy! We began our journey together in Januari 2020. We started out getting to know each other and discovered I did almost everything different then he was used to. Most importantly I  was not going to do any “work” for him. Like putting all my energy in getting him to move or keeping him in balance … and I was inviting him to get invested in what we were doing.

In March I wrote about leading him in little steps and in august about building him up in layers.

Today it all came together! Warming him up trotting around with loose reins while riding circles and changing hands. And we cantered around in a relaxed and balanced way – on the straight lines! Still lots of work to do but have a look at these videos and see this happy free moving horse, thanks Hudson for following my lead.

Very important for this process is that Terri is following us and is changing her riding accordingly. She is also becoming balanced and light in her riding!

Warming up on a loose rein:


Cantering with the lightest contact possible: