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Sunday July 4 2021

VIDEO – Faith getting her first Guasha treatment

Take a sunny afternoon and lots of time to spent with a horse. Working with a herd has many advantages for me. Horses are keenly aware of anything that is going on, in and around the herd. So introducing Guasha to them in this setting gives a more shy horse the time to watch and feel how a more confident horse responds to me.

Today I started with Faith the little white one, she sees herself as the guardian of the herd. Always checking everything out. And she is very confident with humans. She came over to check me out strait away. I let her sniff me and my jade scraper and started scraping very softly and carefully. She became very still, working out what I was doing and how she felt about it. Then I felt her relax and I picked up the treatment. Working from front to back, top to bottom and from the inside to the outside.

She loved long strong strokes and enjoyed every moment of it. We captured the treatment on video so you can see what it entails.

Faith focused inward into the treatment:


Taking full advantage of her spa treatment