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Friday August 13 2021


This morning I had Molly on the SURE FOOT pads and made a little video about it.

Now Molly is/was a highly reactive horse, with lots of Thoroughbred blood. This means that when anything happened around her, noises or movement, she would react. Often her adrenaline would shoot up and she would need to move then. Regardless of any human holding her lead rope! And she would stay on high alert and be not very responsive of any intervention. Which could create dangerous situations.

For several weeks I have been working with Molly and her owner. Combining bodywork with groundwork. She is also very reactive to touch which means the body work needed to be adapted to her needs. Using a jade Guasha scraper did wonders.

To address her high strung re-activeness I have used the SURE FOOT pads. This can help a horse switch from high strung and reactive to calm. And that is exactly what it is doing for Molly. She has learned to be alert without going into a high reactive state. Even when she does she can now easily calm down again.