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Wednesday December 28 2022

Molly getting some gentle bodywork

What a beautiful session today with Molly.

We were in her stable to do some soft gentle bodywork. Starting just behind the poll and moving down her mane. Softly massaging and a little bit of rocking. She responded, told me where work was needed and relaxing deeply. The wither area was tight and I worked my way around the top of her shoulder blades. Moving to the back I needed to switch to pure TTOUCH circles, because she was overly reactive to start with. Taking my time she slowly became soft in her back. When I felt she needed to move and take time of I stepped away. Molly took one step forward and stretched her right hind leg. Showing how everything is connected and how the work up front het released all the way thru her body to her hind legs.


Now I moved to her hind end and because she can be really particular and reactive I started stroking her with a firm whip. Neck, front legs, back, hindquarters, hind legs, tapping on her hoofs. Then I started gently vibrating her big muscle groups with my hands and she was totally fine. After I had worked on both her hind legs we were done. And Molly stretched her left hind leg while releasing tension.

To have her lean into the treatment so fully and staying with me the whole time is so beautiful to see. Her confidence, trust and enjoyment were profound.