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Friday July 7 2023

Testimonial – Molly

A lovely testimonial:

“I have had Molly for 18 years (since 2005) and she is now approximately 30 years old. Molly had had a serious (almost fatal) accident two years before I took her on. She has always been a very sensitive and therefore reactive, Thoroughbred mare with high adrenaline levels, so managing her has taken a great deal of patience. This has been challenging but ultimately rewarding – she has taught me so much over the years.

Linda has been working with Molly and myself since Spring 2021. She has used a range of bodywork techniques/therapies with Molly (TTouch, Guasha and SURE FOOT Pads) and Molly has gone from hyper-vigilance to calm and confident.

In-hand Groundwork has been used alongside this to improve her balance, awareness of her body and increase her fitness. Over time she has improved in all aspects of these, so much so that I have been able to resume riding recently (just walking), which has been so wonderful, after 2 years of ‘retirement’ for both of us!!

Molly has formed a lovely, trusting relationship with Linda and Linda has taught me to leave my fears (very real at times, having a reactive thoroughbred horse!) behind and be like the horse – live in the moment!  That has taken some time, but we’re getting there.”