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Sunday May 21 2023

The Power of choice

The most important aspect of working with SURE FOOT pads is that the horse gets to decide he has a choice. They know what works for them better than anyone else. So I just offer a pad, I make a first selection and decision to start with. But from there the horse leads me to what they want and how they want it.

Rua is a prime example of a horse who initially did not do SURE FOOT pads. He had good reason to be apprehensive about someone handling his feet. He also was a high-strung horse always on the alert. Which were both the exact reasons I wanted to use them.

I needed to build up his trust in me handling his legs. He needed to feel save with me and save with being able to say NO. Also picking the best time was important, so I started to offer them after work and while still in the area where we just worked. After work he would be feeling good and not being in the stable took away expectations of painful treatments (years ago) and his behaviour around that.

So today I can show a video where he not only let me put his foot on without hesitation. He also rearranged his foot, so he was fully on the pad. Which shows his awareness of the pad and his knowledge of its benefits for him. This is a major breakthrough. Have fun watching!