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Tuesday April 23 2024

Bootcamp in Cork

What do you do when your friend and client moves all the way down south to Cork. I had been teaching her for quite a while. Also I had been riding and training Hudson, whom of course she took with her.
Now 1 ½ years later she reached out to me to come down and spent some time with them. So, I designed a bootcamp, tailored to what she was doing and where she needed my expertise. It would be 3 days full on with 2 sessions with Hudson a day and brainstorm sessions for his new living space with her. It took a full day traveling, enjoying the Irish countryside. I took a short cut evading Dublin, to reach the south coast and her cottage.

The first day was all about reconnecting with Hudson and I love doing that by grooming him. Then starting with some groundwork, moving into “in hand” lateral work. He was so responsive and loose and willing; it was a joy to work with him. Getting on and riding in the outdoor arena in a misty afternoon. Just enjoying the feeling that he was exactly the way he was when he left. Now 1 ½ years ago. So very proud of my friend who had taken all our lessons on board and kept him healthy and happy and ready for work.

The second day was about her work with him, to see how she was getting on. She had started with the “in hand” lateral work. She was doing a brilliant job. From there I could show her to become more precise, dashing the T’s and dotting the I’s as it were.

The third day we spent on an issue she had hacking out and going downhill. Now before I came down I had thought that might take some serious training. As it turned out it was more of an old habit and with a small reminder Hudson went to work in a healthier way, using his hind quarters.

This last day I also rode him and this time put him to work. Showing how good he was and how far he had come. That after a hard workout with cooldown he had no sweat to show for it. Showed how good in condition he was. Again, all credits for my friend!

Apart from these sessions we walked and talked about the different fields and how to make them into a healthy living space for a horse. Meaning no more stabling but having a shelter with some sort of hard standing where he can move around. This for when the grass is too rich or the ground to wet to be out in the grass. Where a “track system” could be made or maybe a more “equicentral system” of organizing.

All in all, we got all her questions addressed and she got energized, ready to get serious into work with Hudson. Driving back home I could not be more happy with this bootcamp in Cork.