Blog: Djarra, travelling together

For Djarra I have found a new family in the Netherlands.
In 2019 I will emigrate to Northern Ireland to follow my passion and dream to only work with horses. I will describe my encounters here.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Some video’s:

Some video’s of Djarra (19 years) who is super fit and happy.
Apologies for his looks!
After a week of frost and snow, tempertures have gone up and there is plenty of black mud in the field. Djarra loves a daily mudbath and here he just came out of the field with only his blanket removed. Read more »

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Djarra, dancing while I ride

I can enjoy a horse that is dancing next to me, completely free and happy. But Djarra had never done that when I was riding him.
Today was a beautiful day with sunshine and temperatures just above freezing. Our outdoor arena was perfect and an invitation for a ride. Read more »

Friday 11 January 2019

Walk around the village

This afternoon we did a tour of the village in the drizzle. With my thoroughbred Arab along the shops, bus stop and main road. Djarra just felt like walking and had a fast pace. If there were no cars we walked on the road and when a car is approaching we went on the sidewalk. Read more »

Sunday 30 December 2018

The teacher, powerful and yet quiet

To be able to learn a number of things are very important. To start with a safe environment. In addition, a teacher with patience and a lot of positive reward is also very nice. When I use Djarra as a teacher he creates exactly such a safe environment and he works from rest. Read more »

Sunday 4 November 2018

Djarra took Laura along

We did a forest trail ride today with a friend who hadn’t ridden in a few months. She took Djarra for a ride. I took Joep, who is still a bit tense in the forest.

At first it seemed Djarra wasn’t happy with Laura. Until I let her take the lead, Read more »