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Saturday July 27 2019


Running in the summer in my trail running shoes gave me sweaty feet and I do not like sweaty feet. So I bought some sandals to run in: Xero Amuri Cloud to be precise.

So I took them for a test run to Groomsport over a small rocky track and back over the road. Starting out really carefully and slow, will they stay on, are they to tight, will I trip, lots of thoughts turning around in my mind. Quietly I become more confident and it felt so liberating and free.
Coming to a beach I took them of and walked just enjoying the lovely weather and all the people on the beach having a day out. After the beach I cleaned the sand of my feet and put them back on. Here a small track started and I felt more confident, just throwing my feet down relaxing into to ground. I had to get used to the load noise I was making, but it was a good way to announce my arrival to others 😉
The small track really got rocky and here and there I even needed my hand scrambling up or down. But the sandals were great – as if they were not even there! I loved every minute of it and went further along this track right into the marina of Groomsport! I had never been this far which say a lot about my new foot wear. Here I turned back and stayed along the road back into Bangor.