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Wednesday June 26 2019

Getting there …

At last I can say that I have landed here in Bangor, North Ireland. Because last week I sort of upped the training. I went for a run or a swim every day and totally loved it!
The swimming here is in the sea and is the best thing I ever did, still getting used to the waves. It is a nice change if I think my running needs a break. Or just go swimming in the morning and running in the evening because I could.

To get back to my running. Now I have been training with the Ward park runners (WPR). I still have to hold back a little. Like when they plan a long hills session for 30 minutes … I did really well but stopped after 20 min. I mean even they say it is a hard training so who am I, from Holland, to think too lightly about it.

The good news is that in the day’s after a training like that I hardly feel it, instead of the one week being crippled the first time I joined. So this week I will probably go for both the Monday and Wednesday trainings. Why? Because I am contemplating doing a 10 k on a mountain ….. Last year in Holland I did a couple of 10 k trail runs, nice and easy on my minimalistic shoes, then it took me 1,5 hours with the walking here and there. I would like to see how I will do over here …

So lots of training ahead and the luxury to have lots of time for it.