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Thursday December 19 2019

Just running

Ok, I had to tone down a bit. I was planning to go to do all these beautiful forest trails this winter al over Northern Ireland! I entered myself to the first two. But reality let me know I needed to tone it down a bit. I was stressing myself out pushing to longer distances and trails far away. I am a confident driver but driving on the left in a English car on these roads still takes a lot of concentration. So driving to far away trails is taxing, running them also but in a nice way! But then driving also back felt all a bit too much.

So, abended that plan. New plan: no competitions or trails for this winter, just running for the joy I get out of it. No surprise that after that decision I ran my easiest 6k ever! Pressure gone, and running just for running. Only when I feel like it and I can change my plans any time.

For some variation I did a nice 15k coastal path, walking, challenging since it was a bit icy all the way.

My training sessions with the Ward Park Runners go better and easier all the time so I know I am making improvement.