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Friday June 7 2019

Northern Ireland – Bangor

It has been a quest how to get comfortable running in this new enviroment. Coming from Holland I am used to completely flat terrain to start with, here nothing is flat. Even when locals tell me a track will be flat, for me it is defenitly not! I was also used to running on the tracks of the forest that I found everywhere I lived. Here in Bangor most of the path are of concreet, the coastal path and all path in the parks.

Running on minimalistic shoes (Vibram) my feet struggled with the concreet. Now I only run on my minalistic trailrunning shoes (Vibram V-trail) who, with the added profile, give my feet just that little extra comfort.
My feet were not the only ones complaining. My hips, the joints, also had theire problems. Since there was no flat, the going up and most importantly the going downhill took some getting used to.

It took me two month of taking it really slow to get comfotable running around here. To further improof I joined a running crew here in Bangor for weekly trainings and challanges.

For now running along the coast still gives me a feeling to be on a holliday …