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Thursday January 2 2020

New years day: Race over the Glens

Best way to start the new year: Run the Glens in Glanariff Forest Park. A 6 mile trail in for me chalanging terrain (217 elevation meters). Best weather you can wish for and with totaly no expectation other then to really enjoy a day in the glens.

Big surprise that I run around comfortably for the first 4-5 miles even speeding up on long slopes down! Then the most beautifull waterfalls and loads of stairs, wich I had to walk but it was stunning. Could even manage a run over the finish line.

Big thanks to the dedicated coaches of the Ward Park Runners. Because I had to relearn running. Running on slopes and hills all the time. Running on hard surfaces all the time. I struggled for month. This summer set an amazing time on Mt Stewart. But to finish here with 217 elevation meters: 6 mi in 1:19 minutes is totally unexpected.