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Monday January 29 2024

Dancing between worlds

February 2023:


How do you dance between worlds …

How do you dance …

Between what worlds … might be questions that come up.

My dance between worlds is my dance between “my reality” and the “reality of the horse”.

Yes, I am an equine bodyworker, among other things.

My world is the human world and in that my mind and thinking are often very dominant. They like to be the creators of “my reality”. A horse on the other hand lives in the present moment and has a totally different “reality”.

So I dance between worlds, between different realities to connect with a horse.

Quieting my mind and letting go of my thinking. Not that there is no thinking, more that I stop paying attention to my thoughts. So I become still, quiet and finally be present in the moment. Only then can I truly connect with the horse, or any other animal for that matter.

From there my dance consists of being open and follow, fall in step with the horse. Feel his breath, his heart beat and his energy.

My dance between worlds is not really visible. Like I just stand there and do nothing. But doing nothing can be a rich dance, a beautiful connection.

Dancing between worlds, between different realities is a gift to cherish and I am grateful to have horses as my dancing partners.

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