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Monday January 29 2024

Eb and Flow

August 2023:


Ebb and flow. Life is like ebb and flow. There can be a whirlwind of activity followed by calmer days or weeks or month or years. Learning to ride this tide, ebb and flow, is a life skill.

A whirlwind of activity can feel exhilarating and joyful. Leaving you to catch your breath when it slows down. Or do you feel bereft and lost when it slows down? Craving for the excitement. Will you start to seek and work hard to get up in the activity? Not realizing it is life’s ebb and flow.

A whirlwind of activity can also feel frightening, out of control, not knowing how to deal with it. So when it slows down you can catch your breath and reflect that it actually was exhilarating and good. Leaving you eager for the next wave of activity. Now being able to float on this whirlwind of activity and enjoy it. Still happy when you get back into calmer waters.

A whirlwind of activity can be so frightening that you do your best to stop it or evade it. This costs tons of energy. When it slows down, you might think you got it back under control. Until the next wave of activity comes, and you feel like drowning once again.

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