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Monday January 29 2024

Everything is beautiful and I feel a drift

January 2023:


Let me paint you a picture.

A small stream is meandering down a mountain slope and a little log is a drift in it. It is floating and following the turns and twists. The nature is beautiful, grassy slopes and big boulders. The log hits one of these big boulders and starts to spin around. So now it is spinning and floating aimlessly a drift. Going down with this stream it enters a wooded area with big pine trees covering the slopes. Deer drinking from the stream while under cover by the trees. Other little streams come together, and the log now drifts in a lager body of water. Less boulders to hit and calmer waters.

Everything is beautiful if you take the time to soak in the scenery.Blog: TravelingThe log still drifts downstream in the steadily bigger stream, or maybe we should start calling it a river.
After this woodland it is now entering a valley and there is a settlement on its banks. Kids are playing in the water. Suddenly the log is up in the air a dog found it and brings it ashore. But don’t worry the human throws it back, so far in the stream that the dog leaves it alone. The log carries on.

Everything is beautiful especially when the valley narrows and the river is pushed into a narrow cliff. The speed accelerates and the log is struggling. No longer leisurely drifting along but being sucked down under water. And hitting rocks so hard it splinters. The log begins to disintegrate the force of the water is too much. And then it is no longer ……