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Monday January 29 2024

I write because…

January 2023:


I write because…

I write because it is new and adventurous. I write because I love to share.

I write because I love to educate. I write because I love to tell a story.

Because, because,  because … no words. So to write I need words.

My inner voice needs to speak up so I can hear the words I want to write. It feels like a carousel going round and round. Listening, hearing a voice that needs to be heard so I can write the words my hart gives me.

I write because it is a way of self discovery. Writing about the outer world and writing about the inner world. So when I wrote about a log adrift in a stream. It looked like the outer world but maybe it was a metaphor fort the inner world.

I write and I can address so much but is new territory for me.

I write but take baby steps.

I write because I want to share my story and I want to share ME.

I write because others might like it – NO  might be touched by it – YES.

I write because I would love to touch others with my stories.

I write because I love to guide and to coach.

So, if I write, people get to know me.

I write to be able to help people.

From physically touching and working with people, I will be able to touch and work with them through words – written or spoken.

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