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Monday January 29 2024

Not alone anymore

January 2023: My first 10 min on the poem “How are we not alone”


Not alone, not anymore, making friends, seeking friends, not alone anymore.
New country, new customs, new people, new habits, new me.
Transforming, not being alone anymore, being with friends, knowing friends, going places.
Not alone anymore, going online, reaching people, coaching people, talking to people.
Not alone anymore, searching, first in the outer world and now in the inner world.
Going places, virtual, factual, practical.
Not alone anymore, how did that happen?
When did that happen. Loving my new life, loving me, loving connecting.
Not alone anymore. Magical mystery, going deep to come up high.
Where am I going so not alone anymore?

I go alone but do not stay alone. Going places, meeting people. First horsey people then tree people now coachable people.
Not alone anymore, how did this happen? Why am writing. I did the talking, not alone anymore.
Still learning the talking, so magical, so mystical, not alone anymore.
No idea where I am going. Now I am talking more, now I am not alone anymore, now writing to support my talking, since having friends talking helps.
Not alone anymore, talking more and now writing, how did this happen?
Searching has become listening, listening deeply to myself. Listening deeply to others. Listening, not alone anymore.
Who would have thought I could change that much? Not alone anymore, not hanging on a cliffs edge, not drowning in a sea of despair.
Not alone anymore, making friends. Listening is no problem, I have been listening my whole life. But speaking now that is new. Speaking lengthy and free, free associations. And now this Writing wild. What am I thinking, but no, not much thinking going on here. Or maybe very fast thinking, but no filtering. Writing wild writing from the hart. Just how I would like to speak, just straight from the hart.

Not alone anymore and the whole world at my feet.

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