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Monday January 29 2024



June 2023:

Blog: Traveling

Wandering around in my newly created world, I lost my bearings. No that’s not quite right, I still have my “North star” to keep me on track in my newly created world.

But the track I am following is really overgrown with plants and eroded away at some places, at some point I just skirted a ravine of depression.

So I am on track, my “North star” is clear and still I am wandering around, stumbling and with a feeling of being lost. Where do I put my feet when the track is difficult to follow? It feels like I am grounding to a halt, a halt that is not good. But a halt also gives me time to look around see where I am, how far I have come. I feel stuck, but no urge to move on.

Do I lean into this moment and take a breath, relax and enjoy? Do I push or nudge myself into action, that does not feel right. So I stay …