Blog: Travelling alone

Since 2020 I stopped trail running and running in general. But I kept on journeying, but went inwards. This time, expressing myself, writing and I will be sharing this here.
Since 2018 I also travel alone, barefoot and running. Discovering new trails and applying all I have learned to myself in a different way. I peaked in January 2020 with my race over the glens!

Monday 29 January 2024

Everything is beautiful and I feel a drift

January 2023:
Let me paint you a picture.
A small stream is meandering down a mountain slope and a little log is a drift in it. It is floating and following the turns and twists. The nature is beautiful, grassy slopes and big boulders. The log hits one of these big boulders and starts to spin around. Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024


October 2023:

Preparing for winter by slowing down by gathering my life force in me, staying warm gathering with friends.
I want to follow the example of trees, retract liquid and nutrients from the leaves which I will shed. If you look at me I might look barren just a bundle of branches. Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024

Eb and Flow

August 2023:
Ebb and flow. Life is like ebb and flow. There can be a whirlwind of activity followed by calmer days or weeks or month or years. Learning to ride this tide, ebb and flow, is a life skill.
A whirlwind of activity can feel exhilarating and joyful. Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024


June 2023:

Wandering around in my newly created world, I lost my bearings. No that’s not quite right, I still have my “North star” to keep me on track in my newly created world.
But the track I am following is really overgrown with plants and eroded away at some places, Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024

Life’s nudges, gems and miracles

April 2023:
Being open for life’s nudges.
Being open for life’s gems.
Being open for life’s miracles.
I thought I was, but there was still un underground train of thought urging me on to organize my life.
Now that this stream has come to light I have been able to dam it and it is evaporating and seeping into the ground. Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024

Dancing between worlds

February 2023:
How do you dance between worlds …
How do you dance …
Between what worlds … might be questions that come up.
My dance between worlds is my dance between “my reality” and the “reality of the horse”.
Yes, I am an equine bodyworker, Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024

I write because…

January 2023:
I write because…
I write because it is new and adventurous. I write because I love to share.
I write because I love to educate. I write because I love to tell a story.
Because, because,  because … no words. So to write I need words. Read more »

Monday 29 January 2024

Not alone anymore

January 2023: My first 10 min on the poem “How are we not alone”
Not alone, not anymore, making friends, seeking friends, not alone anymore.
New country, new customs, new people, new habits, new me.
Transforming, not being alone anymore, being with friends, knowing friends, Read more »

Thursday 2 January 2020

New years day: Race over the Glens

Best way to start the new year: Run the Glens in Glanariff Forest Park. A 6 mile trail in for me chalanging terrain (217 elevation meters). Best weather you can wish for and with totaly no expectation other then to really enjoy a day in the glens. Read more »

Thursday 19 December 2019

Just running

Ok, I had to tone down a bit. I was planning to go to do all these beautiful forest trails this winter al over Northern Ireland! I entered myself to the first two. But reality let me know I needed to tone it down a bit. Read more »