It often happens that a horse has recovered from an injury and the vet gives green light to slowly pick up the physical work again but how that can be done best, especially with a horse who thinks it can do everything again, is often a challenge.

There are a lot of things to think about: what is the physical, mental and emotional situation of the horse at that moment. What does he need in physical work, groundwork or riding to help him recover. I can help you draw up a plan to help your horse become a healthy and happy horse again. Besides my sessions with your horse I will guide you through practical tips and tricks as giving you the tools to help your horse is one of my main goals.

Knowing your horse and understanding him really well is not always easy. I can guide you to be more aware of the subtle signs he is giving you as being a better listener for your horse will help you to fine tune your work. By carefully observing and acknowledging these signs I can work on short term visible results with horse and owner.

My wish is: Making horses happier, healthier and more confident.