2020 COVID-19: Virtual race


Due to the corona pandemic we are in lockdown, which means staying at home and only exercise once a day. All competitions are cancelled because any gathering of more than 2 people together are not allowed.

So there was a virtual challenge to do more than 500 elevation meters in one session. Since for me 217 was the most ever, doing 500 around the town was not going to happen. But I like a challenge and set out scanning the area where I could do the most elevation meters. Living in Bangor, Northern Ireland, a coastal town I found a nice stretch going down to the sea. I could do a loupe of approximately 1,5 -2 k and cover 25 meters.

I was very satisfied with the result of my virtual competition:
First of all I did 11 km!
Second I combined this with 193 elevation meters!

Only my Race over the Glens on the first of January had 217 m. The day after I was not really stiff or tired … I am so happy with this!


Patch is settling down

Patch has come a long way since I started working with him in July this year.

First of all his anxiety threshold is no longer very low and he has become very relaxed. This also resulted in getting him in a group for the so very necessary social interaction with other horses. He has become a very social and stable boy. Being at a sanctuary is not ideal, the nice social group he was part of is no longer in place and putting him with another strong willed gelding did not work out  to good.

It is beautiful to see how sensitive this guy really is. On the smallest of signals he will react and he can follow me like a shadow. But he has a strong personality that is tinted by his experiences in the past. If he does not understand me and gets unsure of himself he starts nipping and biting. Giving him time and some gentle TOUCHES will settle him quickly. All he needs is time and TLC.

Giving him new input with pods to stand on to stimulate his body awareness: