The animals have always guided me …

Animals have always been important to me; horses in particular. I’ve been riding and taking care of horses since my childhood.
Even with my former (mainly) rational approach to life, I did realize at some point that there were remarkable moments of contact between myself and animals. It were those moments which have lead me to the path of guidance and treatments I now offer to horses and humans.

Initially I started the Veterinary Natural/Complementairy medicine study at masters level with the aim of being able to heal and help horses. I still use the acquired knowledge every day.

Gradually I learned that through direct contact (simply through my hands) I could connect with the horses on a deeper level. It was than that I decided to make the switch to the study of healing. During this study I learned to consciously work with what I was already doing unknowingly.
The study focusses on humans, but in my case I can also apply that to horses, through the energy fields, energy points and chakra’s.

During the Veterinary Natural Medicine study I came to realize that you can help the horse, but that the owner also plays an essential role in the healing process of the horse. Being able to bring this into practice was my next goal and so I decided to follow an instructors training.
As the regular Dutch instructors training course was not compatible with the way I treat horses I came across Centered Riding, which was introduced in the Netherlands in the late 1990’s. Since 2000 I am a certified Centered Riding instructor.