Coaching as a Rewilder guide: If you are interested we can plan a FREE discovery call, I would love to meet you. (All coaching is done online)

Full hour lessons at your yard:
Private £ 50
Group: £ 25
Set of 5 lessons: £ 250 plus extra SURE FOOT® session
SURE FOOT® session £ 50
SURE FOOT® demo £ 105

Types of lessons to suit your and your horse’s needs:

  • Centered Riding – focus on the rider
  • Training the horse – focus on the horse when riding
  • Training the horse on the lunge line
  • Training the horse in hand (from the ground)
  • Helping with behavioural problems
  • Lessons in bodywork on the horse (TTEAM, Massage, Guasha, SURE FOOT® pads)
  • Bodywork on the horse for a healthier and happy horse (TTEAM, Massage, Guasha, SURE FOOT® pads)
  • SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program for a healthier and happy horse

Centered Riding:
Body awareness through Centered Riding principles will help you to be clearer in your aids and therefore improve your communication with your horse. This will result in a harmonious interaction and comfortable ride for both horse and rider. Also it will help the horse become more balanced.
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Training the horse:
Training the horse using knowledge about biomechanics, classical training combined with natural horsemanship. Working on balance and straightness. This can be done while riding or from the ground. Training on the lunge line, long reins or in hand.

Helping with behavioural problems:
Does your horse not do what you ask, I can help you understand his behaviour. Understanding what is the matter is will give you the means to help your horse. We will make a plan how to help your horse.

Bodywork for horses:
My approach is a holistic one and with my more than 20 years of experience I have acquired a lot of techniques. Such as TTEAM, Massage, Guasha and the use of SURE FOOT® pads.
How I will work is tailored to the problems there are and what is the best for your horse. Apart from me working on your horse I can also teach you how to be more hands on with your horse. Identify and address issues early on to keep your horse healthy and happy.

SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program:
A unique, innovative way for the horse to be his own teacher. Developed by Wendy Murdoch, this revolutionary way of improving your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance shows that the horse is always present and ready to learn if we can only find ways to access his intelligence.
I will use the pads during lessons and bodywork sessions. But you can get a pure SURE FOOT® session where I can use the full set of pads to give your horse a voice.
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Demo’s and clinic: If you want to organise a clinic give me a call!

  • Body awareness for riders
  • How to train your horse using knowledge from biomechanics, classical training and horsemanship insights. Riding, lunging or working in hand.