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Sunday 30 December 2018

The teacher, powerful and yet quiet

To be able to learn a number of things are very important. To start with a safe environment. In addition, a teacher with patience and a lot of positive reward is also very nice. When I use Djarra as a teacher he creates exactly such a safe environment and he works from rest. For someone not so familiar with horses, he exudes safety and patience.

The person who goes to work with him gets all the time to organize things like long reins in his hands. When they go out together, Djarra just stops when the student leaves without giving an invitation to follow. As soon as the pupil manages to establish the contact, you see Djarra focus his attention on him, he does his best to answer the cautious and sometimes somewhat crude questions.

How beautiful to see a physically strong man at work with Djarra for the first time. He discovers that breathing is all it takes to stop Djarra if you are truly connected. What previously looked very magical appears to be accessible from a sincere connection.


Sunday 4 November 2018

Djarra took Laura along

We did a forest trail ride today with a friend who hadn’t ridden in a few months. She took Djarra for a ride. I took Joep, who is still a bit tense in the forest.

At first it seemed Djarra wasn’t happy with Laura. Until I let her take the lead, then he pricked his ears forward and went. He’s so used to walking in front that he was truly fed up with being in second place.
Djarra gave Laura a nice and safe feeling during a very pleasurable forest trail. Despite Joep being pretty tense and many mountainbikers racing all around us, their track crosses ours more than 10 times!

Fabulous weather, beautiful forest and great company, it was a great autumn day.