Centered Riding

Becoming aware of the kind of rider you are is the beginning of becoming an even better rider. This awareness will help you to be clearer in your aids and therefore improve your communication with your horse which will result in a harmonious interaction and comfortable ride for both horse and rider.

By using these Centered Riding techniques I will guide you to become more aware of yourself and therefore of your horse. As you learn and experience the principles through your horse’s motion and responses, you and your horse will tune in to each other resulting into the so much desired harmonious interaction. While these techniques will increase confidence and enjoyment they will release tension in both rider and horse, making training so much easier. Additionally they can also help to cope with old injuries or chronic conditions which cause pain during or after riding.

Centered Riding has been proven successful for riders and instructors of all ages, interests and levels, from pleasure riders to international competitors,  from therapeutic riding to any type of horsemanship.


Reference by Mariska Versteeg:

If you are looking for someone to help you train your horse or to train your horse you have to call Linda! She can definitely help you. With her experience she can help horses and riders in each discipline. She knows exactly how to put her finger on the sore spot. Sometimes literally because Linda is schooled in different body awareness techniques, as well for the horse as for the rider. She is thorough, really tunes in to the horse, has a great feeling to what a horse (and an owner) needs, she listens to what the owner wants and what his or her goals are and finds a way to get there.

And what I find most important she is respectful, patient, friendly and clear to the horse. If a horse doesn’t do what she is asking she will always wonder why and try different ways. Also Linda helped me overcome my fear of riding and has been a great coach to me for more than ten years.

So I really recommend Linda as a horse (and rider) trainer, I wish you a good time together!”