Coaching, as a Certified Rewilder Guide

Awakening and Reconnecting with your inner health and wisdom.
* Rewilding is about reconnecting with the wilder nature within us.
* Rewilding is about trusting yourself and listening deeply to yourself.

You create your own reality. This is not something you learn to do. You are already doing it. Always. In realizing who you really are, you naturally become a more deliberate creator while living a life that you love. It’s about letting your true nature take care of itself, enabling your heart’s passion to shine through and giving room to health and freedom of choice.

My coaching work is about how to guide you to your natural state of health, which creates more peace of mind and greater inner freedom.
To guide you I need to hear you and listen and give you a safe space. I will be fully present, but what does that mean?
To guide you I need to see you for who you really are, not what you present to the outside world. Looking past behaviour to the true you.

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3-Month support in your journey:

  • 6x  60 minutes conversations on line or in person
  • Unlimited support between sessions with email or check-in call

Please reach out for a FREE discovery call to see if this is something that you would benefit from.


My life had taken an unexpected turn and I had problems I did not have before. I was a bit lost and confused about how to deal with everything. Linda’s coaching sessions proofed to be a life saver. She is an excellent listener and asks the right questions about whatever it is I tell her about. Thanks to our conversations I have regained my balance and found my way back to my inner strength and I feel like ‘me’ again.”

Nanette, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


A couple of months ago I contacted Linda as I needed help. I wasn’t happy. At all. Our first session I cried and cried.
Mainly about how I felt like I should be happy, however I was not enjoying life. Linda helped me “tweak” just some small things, how to manage my supervisor at work, how to learn to be in the moment. And the most important thing, how to make my home feel like home and stay. You see, I was raised as a military child. I went to 7 elementary schools and 3 high-schools. I have had 15 addresses in 10 years. Settling down is an unknown but goal of mine. I need to learn how to STAY. I need to learn the same as far as job and relationships go. Linda has helped with that.

I specifically choose to work with a life coach over a “therapist” because of my ADHD, I don’t want to take medication anymore. I’ve been med free for about 4 years, but was struggling. Having her as a support, having Linda just point out the good, the bad and helping me realize what I CAN do to change has been absolutely amazing. Right now I feel I’m at 80% happiness. When I contacted Linda I was having passive thoughts of suicide. I know I generally don’t share the bad, I like to give the impression that all is always wonderful, but here we go. All is NOT always wonderful and I’ve learned that it’s not only okay, but also necessary to ask for help. Currently I’m in a ton of pain, my Fibromyalgia is flaring up big time, also something I rarely bitch about, but mentally I’m in a great place again!!”

Corine, Virginia, US